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Shed Off Pounds with Yacon Syrup

Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays have just passed and who could ever resist the delectable goodies on the dinner table. Now here comes the big question – how does one shed off the pounds gained from indulging in holiday parties?

There is a preference for naturals and organics when it comes to health issues. People are wiser now to look for alternatives when it comes to medication and this includes means to lose weight or at least maintain a healthy proportion on weight and size.

A natural sweetener that was discovered to be indigenous in the Andes Mountain, Yacon Syrup is causing quite a stir now. It is not mixed with any chemicals and in fact it is completely natural with the syrup extracted from the Yacon plant. According to those who have already tried this low calorie sweetener, the taste doesn’t differ much from raisins or prunes and some claim that it tastes more like caramelized sugar.

The Yacon plant, also known as Smallanthis sonchifolius, yields this Yacon Syrup. It is not really a new find. Being indigenous from the Andes Mountains in South America, people from Peru and Brazil have been consuming this wonderful natural sweetener for its medicinal properties since ancient times. The yacon syrup has treated digestive problems, kidney ailments and even helped reduce the effect of diabetes by controlling blood sugar. By boosting the metabolism, it aids in the digestion and processing of food, which helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Health advocates also claim that it aids in controlling food cravings by lowering the sugar levels in blood. The high fiber content found in yacon syrup also helped reduce the impact of chronic constipation.

There are several studies claiming that a daily dose of yacon syrup helped produce a significant amount of weight loss. With famous American celebrity doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz featuring this wonderful yacon syrup in his show, people and celebrities included can’t stop talking about this natural sweetener that aids weight loss. He conducted several tests that showed promising results for weight loss issues. The results varied depending on the lifestyle, exercise habit and other factors affecting each participant. Overall, the results were promising. Aside from losing weight, the participants also saw a significant reduction on waist circumference.

So how does this natural sweetener yacon syrup really work? The syrup only contains a small amount of digestible sugars hence it is a great sugar alternative. A substance present in yacon syrup called fructooligosaccharides feeds the good bacteria upon reaching the large intestine. By maintaining good bacteria in the gut, it reduces weight by increasing friendly bacteria and aids the proper digestion and distribution of food in the body. Through proper digestion with the help of other fibrous substance from the yacon syrup, it also lessened constipation.

Yacon syrup is all natural so if one decides to use this as a sugar alternative, one must bear in mind that it can not be cooked or baked as heat can destroy the composition of fructooligosaccharides. It is always better to use or consume anything with caution especially those that enters the body system. Those who have participated in trials consumed a teaspoon or two prior to each meal like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Like everything consumed in excess of, having too much of yacon Syrup will produce side effects. The side effects are not really that alarming being an excess of gas production – flatulence. It may also cause stomach upset, including diarrhea and even nausea. It is suggested to consume yacon syrup starting from a small amount increasing gradually until your system is used to it.

Shedding off pounds through the natural sweetener yacon syrup is indeed a possibility as shown in the various tests and researches conducted. Combined with a consultation from your health practitioner, proper eating habits and trying to live a healthier lifestyle and proper exercise, one can certainly be on the way to maintaining a healthier body weight and size ratio.

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