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19 January, 2016 (13:10) | Whatsapp | By: admin

Social Media is increasing in popularity in recent years. I mean, it could be the means so that you can talk with your friends and family. Social Media can also be used for businesses as well. In fact, some people use Social Media to buy and sell products for example.

If you want to communicate with your friends and family for free, then definitely download the WhatsApp for iOS. Whatsapp is a messenger app for various mobile phones, but in today’s article, we will look closely on the iOS version of the app.

So, what is special about Whatsapp and why has it become so popular among many people? Well, since Facebook, a social media giant, bought Whatsapp, the app’s popularity has now increased.

But, that is just a portion of why this app is becoming popular. This app became popular because it allows you to send a message, chat, or call your friends and family worldwide for free! You’ve read that right; you can do all of those things for free!

That is because Whatsapp just uses an internet connection. So, you can do all of those things by using a 3G or WiFi connection, for example.

When you’re going to use Whatsapp, there are absolutely no fees! There are no hidden charges and the company has iterated that the app will be free to use for the first year, and then there will be an annual fee of only $1 per year!

Whatsapp also allows you to send multimedia files directly from the app. You can send and receive photos, video files, and voice messages as well.

What’s more, Whatsapp allows you to call your friends and family absolutely free! You can even call them anywhere even if you are on the other side of the world! Just make sure that they too, have to be subscribed to the service.

Speaking of subscription, did you know that there are over a million people signing up to Whatsapp every single day? That is a lot of users! You can search various people you want to communicate with as Whatsapp has a really huge user base. Maybe you have a highschool friend that you haven’t talked to for years that uses Whatsapp!

The app has an “always on” feature that will receive your messages. This is true even when you turn your mobile phone off. You will receive new messages once you return to the app again.

Now, since this is a subscription-based service, you might be thinking that you have to use a username and password to access your account. Nope, that is not the case with Whatsapp. Whatsapp takes advantage of your mobile phone number and that is all you have to input.

And lastly, you have the option to tweak the interface as well as the notification sounds. There are a plethora of options you can choose from to truly personalize your Whatsapp.

With a service like this, it would be absurd not to take advantage of Whatsapp. Whatsapp for the iOS can be downloaded for free on the Apple app store.

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