R4i SDHC slot 1 device

28 October, 2012 (22:11) | R4i SDHC | By: admin

Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite & Nintendo DSi gamers have always been fond of the previous R4, R4 RPG as well as of R4 2. The features of these game carts still outmatch most of the R4 cards on the market. Thus, with the release of R4 2, R4i SDHC and now, R4 3 – who can say how R4 clones will fare in the future? Sure enough, R4 2 will still has its fare share of loyal users.

The R4i SDHC – Best Features and Benefits

R4i SDHC owners have every reason to feel contented with their game carts. It is a truly reliable and highly functional product. It is the enhanced version of R4 2 and R4 RPG. The best part is – users can utilize it not just on Nintendo DSi but also on their Nintendo DS, DSL, IDS and IDSL systems (since it is backwards compatible).

Even if R4i SDHC comes in the original cart size; it is packed with power. With this game card, users will never lose save data. It has the capability to write directly on your MicroSD’s save file. Aside from not needing any battery, users will never need to manually select save types. Also, if the save file features the same prefix name and is inside the same file directory, there won’t be any compatibility problems with other flash carts. All you need to do is to run the software to utilize the new save file.

Similar to previous R4 products, R4i SDHC is also a drag and drop software. For it to run, users just need to drag and drop it to the MicroSD card. The first time it boots, it may take some time but after creating the save file, loader time is faster.

Just like R4 2, R4i SDHC also supports Homebrew games and programs. With its DLDI auto patcher, users can simply copy Homebrews into the MicroSD card before clicking RUN. Aside from playing games, you can now watch movies, read TXT novels and listen to MP3s on Nintendo DS.

R4i SDHC also supports the following:

• Any brand of SDHC MicroSD card
• Action Reply Cheats
• Multi Languages
• Skin & Dynamic Skin Change
• Wi-Fi playing
• Soft Reset
• Download Play

Most of the features and benefits of R4i SDHC is similar to that of R4 2. This is since it has almost the same systems; except for the fact that R4i SDHC can run on Nintendo DSi while R4 2 cannot. So like R4 2, R4i SDHC also has a full touch screen or button control operation as well as a built-in trimming function and build-in file operation. It can also be used as a “Passme”. What this means is – it can boot from Slot 2 flash carts. Therefore, by using an expand cart (which you still need to buy separately), you can run GBA games with it.

R4i SDHC comes packed with a lot of great features you won’t find in most R4 cards out there. It has even surpassed its predecessors. With its ability to support Wi-Fi gaming; its large storage capacity and its compatibility with Homebrew games as well as programs, R4i SDHC is truly one game cart worth considering for your NDS system.

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