R4i SDHC card offers expansion for your gaming options

6 December, 2012 (12:52) | R4i SDHC | By: admin

The R4i DS Card is a device that works with your Nintendo DS console. The Nintendo DS console is a gaming device which has been in the market since 2004. At first the device could only accept Nintendo DS games, but this has changed. With the new improvements you can now play Homebrew games on your DS console. Homebrew games are games written by enthusiasts and they are available all over the internet. The R4i DS Card gives you an opportunity to access these games on your console.

The R4i DS card is actually a card that allows you to add more functionality to your Nintendo DS console. This storage device works with both the new Nintendo DSi and the old Nintendo DS. For it to work you will need to insert it to the slot 1 of the console and then you can start storing all the media you could dream of. It could be music, movies, photos and games. You can in fact use your console as an iPod to listen to your favourite music.

You can buy an R4i SDHC Card alone or together with an SD memory card or Micro SD memory card. The memory cards come in different memory capacity and you can buy one with a memory capacity of 4GB or up to 32 GB. These cards usually allow you to store as many files as you want depending on the memory capacity that they hold. Another advantage of having the memory card is that you can actually download files on your PC and transfer them to the Nintendo console. All you need is to insert a memory card reader into the USB port of your computer. Once you have done this, you can start dragging the files you want to the memory card and then watch them later on your console.

If you are bored with gaming you should probably consider buying and R4i DS card. It can work with a Nintendo DS as well as the Nintendo DSi. The truth is that doing one thing can be boring and you may want to try exploring new things. If you own an R4i DS 3ds flashCard you have an opportunity to do more things with the Nintendo DS console. One can watch movies on the LCD screen or listen to music. The device expands the memory capacity of the console and allows it to accept programs it would normally reject. It even allows you to do temporary modifications to your Nintendo. You can for instance change the screen to make it brighter or darker. These are things you would not normally do without an R4i DS card.

The R4i Card will improve your Nintendo DS console so that you enjoy doing more things with it. If you have an SD or Micro SD memory cards the better. With these cards you can transfer movies and songs from your PC to the console. You also have an opportunity to play Homebrew games on your Nintendo DS.

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