A Comprehensive Review on Nintendo 3DS

20 November, 2015 (04:20) | Nintendo 3DS | By: admin

In this modern era, gaming has changed by leaps and bounds. It is one of the most powerful fields with an endless list of opportunities and possibilities! As you look around, you will come across many new gaming consoles and platforms. However, only some of these devices have dominated the market for a very long time. This includes gaming consoles from Nintendo. The gaming platform is nearly four years old and has become extremely impressive with time. Some games are best played on Nintendo 3DS.

An Ultimate Gaming Tool

It is quite interesting to note that Nintendo 3DS comes with collection of games that are meant to be played in the device! It is a kid-friendly gaming tool that nothing but a piece of hardware that looks and feels like a tablet computer. However, priced around 199 USD, this piece of hardware can keep you occupied all day long. Officially, the device is compatible with an endless list of Nintendo DS and DSi games. The gaming platform features a scintillating range of applications like Hulu Plus and Netflix too. Above all, you can download bonus games and software packages (activity trackers and photographing packages) from the Nintendo eShop.


Three Amazing Features

As mentioned previously, Nintendo 3DS is fine-tuned to work flawlessly with the franchise’s spin offs and sequels. The gaming platform is designed to dispense unique games and content. Luckily, the 3DS serves as a pathway to games you cannot find anywhere else. If you have never played on Nintendo gaming consoles, here is a quick walk through few interesting facts.

  1. The gaming device has two separate screens. The upper screen is capable of displaying glasses-free 3D! On the other hand, the bottom screen is touch-sensitive. The touch screen responds to both an included stylus and the skin.

  2. Nintendo 3DS comprises of gyro motion controls and a built-in accelerometer. The front and rear camera will let you click stunning 3D photographs. In fact, you can use the gaming device as a pedometer.

  3. A local networking strategy that scans the console in sleep mode would be “Streetpass”. This technology is capable of collecting activity coins, unlocking challenges and finding new players.

Last but certainly not least, Nintendo 3DS has a wonderful rechargeable battery. With an extra-backup, you can game anywhere on the road! This is what makes 3DS a reliable and portable gaming device.