4 Things You Need to Do Before Playing Games on Your Nintendo 3DS

14 October, 2016 (20:09) | Uncategorized | By: admin

Now, R4 3DS cards have been out for many years now and a lot of people are enjoying it. One of the reasons why they get R4 3DS cards for their Nintendo 3DS is that it allows them to play games for free and you can also bring with you a lot of games since it will be in digital format (which you can just store on the microSD card).

With that being said, there are still things you need to do in order for you play games on your Nintendo 3DS when you’re going to use R4 3DS cards.

In this article, I will talk about the 4 things you need to do first before playing games on your Nintendo 3DS when using R4 3DS cards.

1. Update the R4 3DS card’s kernel. The very first thing you want to do is update your R4 3DS card’s kernel. This is to ensure that all of the improvements and fixes are implemented in your R4 3DS card. To do this, head on over to your R4 3DS card manufacturer’s website and download the latest kernel from there. Do note that you have to go to your manufacturer’s specific website as their kernel files are different than what other R4 3DS card manufacturers use. Next thing you need to do is make sure that your Nintendo 3DS is fully charged prior to flashing the kernel. Once done, proceed to the second tip.

2. Download Games Over the Internet. The beauty of R4 3DS cards is that it allows you to play downloaded games on your Nintendo 3DS. Plus, you can also store a lot of games on your microSD card, eliminating the need to bring with you physical game cartridges. The next thing you need to do is download your favorite games over the internet. There are a lot of ROM sites you can download free Nintendo 3DS games from. Also, you can dump your own Nintendo 3DS game cartridges if you have them.

3. Have Your Emulators Ready. Now, apart from Nintendo 3DS games, some people also want to play retro games like SNES games and GBA games, for example. Although there are some R4 3DS cards that have built-in emulators already, some of them do not have that pre-installed. So, before playing with your Nintendo 3DS, make sure to download all of your favorite emulators first. Also, download the necessary ROM files for your favorite retro games as well.

4. Have Your Cheats Ready. Another thing that I love about the R4 3DS card is that it supports Action Replay Cheat Codes. There will be games that are going to be very hard to complete using normal methods and cheating can be a great way to continue your progress. Have your cheat codes ready before playing games on your Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS is a great portable gaming console but you have to have the R4 3DS card to truly make it shine.

Before playing games on the Nintendo 3DS using R4 3DS cards, make sure to follow what I’ve said in this article.

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